Robert Apatoff

Brother Robert Apatoff has had a long career in marketing and executive roles, including his current position as president of FTD Group, Inc.

FTD is one of the largest international providers of a range of floral-related products and services and is a subsidiary of United Online, Inc. Before becoming president, Apatoff served as a director at the company for four years and was promoted to president after United Online acquired FTD in 2008.

Prior to starting at FTD, Apatoff held the role of Managing Director at Patriarch Partners, LLC where he focused on the management and development for their companies in consumer goods. Apatoff joined the company after successfully increasing Rand McNally & Company’s profitability as president and CEO and aiding in the sale of the company to Patriarch Partners in 2007.

Apatoff’s marketing expeiernce has been with The Allstate Corporation, Aetna, Inc., L.A. Gear, Inc., Reebok International, Ltd. and Anheuser Busch, Inc. Some significant marketing campaigns he has worked on include the Anheuser Busch “Bud Bowl,” Allstate’s “Good Hands” campaign, and the Reebok Pump.

Brother Apatoff currently resides in Illinois with his wife and two daughters. In the community he serves on the Board of Trustees of Goodman Theatre in Chicago and the Board of Directors of Students in Free Enterprise. Apatoff is also an active alumnus as a member of the Board of Visitors of Depauw University.