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The Harvard Trophy

The Harvard Trophy’s origin dates back to 1924. The idea for the Harvard Trophy was conceived when some 50 Phis, attending graduate school at Harvard University, were discussing the progress of the Fraternity.  The Harvard Trophy is given to the most outstanding Phi Delta Theta chapter at a large institution.

The Founders Trophy

The Founders Trophy was donated by Judge William R. Bayes, Ohio Wesleyan ’01, in 1929 and is awarded to the most outstanding Phi Delta Theta chapter at a medium-sized institution.

Kansas City Trophy

The Kansas City Trophy was first presented in 1929 and was originally sponsored by the Cleveland Alumni Club. In 1958, sponsorship was taken over by the Kansas City Alumni Club. The trophy is awarded to the most outstanding Phi Delta Theta chapter at a small institution.

Housser Trophy

The George E. Housser Trophy is awarded annually to the top Canadian chapter demonstrating all-around excellence in internal management and chapter operations, campus leadership, and campus participation. The trophy (a Canadian Inuit carving called the Bird Man) was originally presented by the Vancouver Alumni Club, and later rededicated by several Canadian Brothers in 1992 in honor of the late George E. Housser (McGill ’06), President of the General Council from 1950 – 52.

Phoenix Trophy

The Valley of the Sun Alumni Club created the Phoenix Award in 2002 to recognize a chapter that has shown dramatic improvement over the course of one academic year.  The award was named after the mythological bird that periodically regenerated itself which is used in literature as a symbol of death and resurrection.

Legion of Honor

The Legion of Honor Award was established in 1978 to recognize a member of Phi Delta Theta who has made a major contribution of his time, effort, and energy to serve the Fraternity and improve its stature; has distinguished himself in representing the Fraternity’s principles of friendship, sound learning and rectitude; is widely recognized as a leader of fraternity men and identified with the promotion of fraternities; and has widely advanced and enlarged the opportunities for growth and leadership among college men through fraternities.

Legion of Merit

The Legion of Merit Award honors those outstanding members of Phi Delta Theta who have made a lifelong commitment to the service of Phi Delta Theta. The recipients of this award are not only living testimony that Phi Delta Theta is a “Fraternity for Life,” but they are also the men who give this phrase meaning for so many Phis.