Lou Gehrig Community Impact Team

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Lou Gehrig Community Impact Team – College Baseball

To further Lou Gehrig’s legacy and his storied baseball career that began at the collegiate level at Columbia University, Phi Delta Theta, in partnership with the Live Like Lou Foundation, has created the Lou Gehrig Community Impact Team to annually recognize the giving character and community impact of collegiate baseball players.

The Lou Gehrig Community Impact Team celebrates nine collegiate baseball players spanning all divisions who are making an impact on and off the field.

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Honorees are chosen annually based on outstanding achievements in three key areas:

  • Demonstrating a substantial commitment to their community through service and philanthropy.
  • Embodying the generous spirit and character of Lou Gehrig.
  • Making remarkable contributions to the success of their respective teams.

The player who garners the highest number of votes among the nine team members is named Captain. The Captain’s college or university has the opportunity to collaborate with Phi Delta Theta and the Live Like Lou Foundation to organize an on-field presentation, dedicated to honoring the player and contributing $4,000 to support a family affected by ALS in the local community.

Honorable Mention Team:

Connor Goodman – University of Maine

Lawson Harrill – Cambell University

Dylan Hoy – University of Louisville

Dylan Jeffries – University of Mount Olive

Jacob Lojewski – Florida Gulf Coast University

Luke Longo – New Jersey Institute of Technology

Mason Nichols – University of Mississippi

Nick Powers – Michigan State University

Joe Sheets – Columbia University

Honorary Captain:

Pete Frates, a former Boston College baseball player, holds a special place in the heart of college baseball and the ALS community. Diagnosed with ALS in 2012, Pete became a beacon of hope and resilience, using his platform to raise awareness and funds for ALS research. His courageous battle against the disease, coupled with his unwavering determination, inspired millions worldwide. Pete and his family, friends, and many, many supporters — collectively known as ‘Team FrateTrain’ — made it their mission to raise education, awareness, and funds for a cure for this dreaded disease. In the process, they helped to create the worldwide sensation ‘Ice Bucket Challenge,’ which raised over $220 million to fight ALS.

Within college baseball circles, Pete’s legacy looms large as a symbol of strength and perseverance. His alma mater, Boston College, and countless other collegiate programs have rallied behind Pete’s cause, organizing fundraisers, awareness campaigns, and tribute events in his honor. Pete’s impact transcends the boundaries of the baseball diamond, as his story continues to motivate athletes, fans, and supporters to join the fight against ALS. Through his tireless advocacy and unyielding spirit, Pete Frates has left an indelible mark on college baseball, inspiring a generation to come together in the quest for a cure and offering solace and support to those affected by ALS.