Bill Bergesch

Louis William “Bill” Bergesch was an American Major League Baseball executive for several teams.

In 1947, Bergesch joined the St. Louis Cardinals organization. He was sent to Albany, Georgia to serve as general manager of a local franchise team owned by the Cardinals. For the next decade, he served in similar roles with other St. Louis Cardinal minor league teams, including the Omaha Cardinals, one of two AAA teams in the Cardinals minor league system. While at Omaha, Bergesch signed future Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Gibson from Creighton University. He was called to the St Louis head office in 1960.

In 1961, Bertgesch joined the Kansas City Athletics, which had recently been purchased by Charles O. Finley, as Assistant General Manager to Frank Lane.

In 1962, Bergesch joined the New York Mets prior to their first season, as Assistant General Manager and Director of Minor League Operations, where he was largely responsible for building a farm system for the new team.