Brian Reichart

Brian Reichart is President and CEO of Red Gold, LLC. Red Gold is a family-owned and operated tomato processing company headquartered in Orestes, IN. Brian graduated from Culver Military Academy as a member of Black Horse Troop Lancers and from Purdue with a B.S. in Industrial Management.

Red Gold was founded by Brian’s grandfather in 1942. Brian worked at the cannery throughout high school and college before joining the staff full time as Plant Manager and Chief Engineer. As President and CEO, he’s grown the company from a small regional and seasonal packer to a national supplier of tomato products. Red Gold expanded into institutional food service supply and private labeling for grocery store chains across the U.S. and the number of full-time employees grew from 170 to 1328. The physical plant expanded to three production facilities, a distribution center, a corporate office, and a trucking company. The company now processes over 10,000 acres of tomatoes.

Today Red Gold is the largest privately owned tomato-processing company in the world, distributing tomato products to all 50 states and exporting to 16 countries.