Gunther Cunningham

Gunther Cunningham is the senior coaching assistant for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League. Cunningham has presided over some of the most successful defenses in NFL history as a defensive coordinator (1995 and 1997), typically ranking at the top of the league in many statistical categories.

Cunningham was hired by the Kansas City Chiefs as the defensive coordinator in 1995 after spending the previous four seasons as a coach with the Los Angeles Raiders.

During his original tenure as defensive coordinator, Cunningham’s defenses allowed an average of only 16.4 points per game, the best mark in the NFL and had a turnover margin of +30, tops in the AFC. Under his lead, a number of players excelled, including stars such as Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith, James Hasty and Dale Carter. Cunningham’s defenses led Kansas City to an overall record of 42-22.