Hamilton Jordan

Hamilton Jordan ran Jimmy Carter’s successful gubernatorial campaign in 1970, which included a Democratic primary election fight against former Governor Carl Sanders and a less eventful general election against the Republican Hal Suit.

While serving as Governor Carter’s executive assistant, Jordan wrote a lengthy memorandum detailing a strategy for winning the 1976 Democratic Primary. Years later, Jordan’s memo served as the “game plan” for Carter’s 1976 presidential bid. Jordan was a key advisor and strategist for Carter during the 1976 presidential campaign and during Carter’s administration, serving as White House Chief of Staff in 1979-1980 (Carter, who took office in 1977, had previously not seen the need formally to appoint an aide to such a post).

Jordan played a powerful role in the formulation of election strategies and government policies. In 1986, Jordan ran for the Democratic nomination for one of Georgia’s seats in the United States Senate. He lost the primary to Representative Wyche Fowler, who went on to win the general election against the Republican incumbent Mack Mattingly.