John Allen

John Beard Allen was an American politician from the state of Washington.

He was a Republican Delegate to the United States House of Representatives in 1889, and after Washington achieved statehood, he was elected and served in the United States Senate from 1889 to 1893. After the legislature failed to select a Senator for the following term, Allen was appointed by the Governor of Washington, but was not seated by the Senate.

After leaving public office, Allen went into private law practice in Seattle, Washington, where he died of cardiovascular disease in 1903 aged 57.

John B. Allen Elementary School was dedicated in 1904, part of the Seattle School District. Seattle School District architect, James Stephens, designed the two-story, wooden building, which housed 278 students at the end of its first year. In 1917, the District opened a second brick building and enrollment increased, peaking at 758 in 1933.