Paul Martin

Dr. Paul Martin earned the majority of his living through the automobile industry but he never forgot the values that Phi Delta Theta instilled in him. He claimed his proudest achievement in life was his devotion to the Christian faith. He is one of the two highest individual donors to the University of Akron.

In 1935, Paul and his father began their exploits into the automotive industry by purchasing their first dealership. At the peak of Brother Martin’s business he owned nine separate dealerships in northern Ohio, a group that became known as the Martin Auto Group.

At the age of 31 he was stationed in France while a part of the United States Army, he was injured ironically enough in an automobile accident and was discharged while at the rank of lieutenant colonel. When he returned to the states he picked up in the automobile industry. During his career he either founded, was president, or was chairman of twelve separate companies. He was also a two time recipient of the Times magazine Quality Dealer of the Year.

Brother Martin was a generous man as he gave more than seven million dollars to his alma mater, the University of Akron. He served as chairman of the universities $52 million fundraising campaign in the 90’s as well as president of their foundation. He helped fund the building in which Phi Delta Theta’s General Headquarters is located in. Brother Martin passed away in 2011.