Phil Pritchett

Phil Pritchett is a rock and roll musician from Texas. Members of his band have varied over the years. Phil’s performance to his eighth grade class of The Beatles Love Me Do first inspired him to enter into music. Phil got his real musical start at age 13 starting a Van Halen-style cover band and started playing local parties. His original high school band the Suburbans was an acclaimed Texas rock trio before breaking up in 1990.

Phil graduated from Highland Park High School in 1990, and entered Southwestern University studying History. At Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, Pritchett formed the eclectic acoustic duo Romantic Embargo with friend James Dewitt. They played regularly in Austin and surrounding cities and made two recordings, a live tape Cut Me Some Slacks and a CD Central Chilling Station No.5.

Pritchett went out on his own in 1996 and spent five years living in Austin, Texas and playing his original music to fans all over Texas and the South and building a large regional fan base. He started Spitune Records in 1995 and began recording and releasing his music independently. After a brief stint in Nashville, he moved back to Texas and has been touring consistently since 2002, often playing 150 shows a year or more.

Pritchett is known for his insightful songs, artistic albums and his live performances. His high-energy shows around Texas and the surrounding areas are known for the performances of songs such as Song of the Doorman, High Tide in the Heartland, Luke Skywalker and Indiana Jones, Colorado On Trial, Tougher Than the Rest and the all-time fan-favorites: Maria, Snuff Machine, Antarctica U.S.A., Drink When I Think and Rolling.

In 2006, Pritchett opened Trinidad World Recording in the Fort Worth Stockyards to self-produce his album High Tide in the Heartland. After the release of High Tide, he was asked to produce records for other acts at Trinidad. His producing credits include projects by Texas High Life, Johns Guns, Ty Wick, Magee Payne, Kurt South, J.D. Clark, Kyle Redd, Clay Thrash, Kevin Smith, Slow Rollin’ Lows, Zach Huckabee, Mike Mathis, Notorious Gringos, Change of Standard and several of his own albums. Trinidad World Recording is now located in the old Handley post office in Fort Worth. Phil has played with many of the fan favorites in Texas including Jack Ingram, Roger Creager, Honeybrowne and others.