All Issues of The Scroll Archived Online


For years, Phi Delta Theta’s collection of The Scroll has lived in the David Demaree Banta Memorial Library at the Fraternity’s General Headquarters in Oxford, Ohio. While it is an impressive reference collection, new technologies led the Fraternity to the thought of revitalizing it. In 2016, Phi Delta Theta archived all editions of The Scroll online.

Making the entire collection available online to all, anywhere in the world, allows the Fraternity to share its past and everything that has made Phi Delta Theta what it is today. It also allows the Fraternity to preserve the collection and its history

through the digitization of the collection.

At, any individual can:

  • Read any edition of The Scroll in an interactive e-reader format
  • Read or download a PDF of any edition
  • Search the entire collection database for specific keywords