First Palladium (Private Bulletin) Created


During 1894–95, the first issue of The Palladium, containing 32 pages, was published.

Established by the Convention of 1894, The Palladium proved to be a valuable medium for disseminating within the Fraternity information that it would be unwise to publish without sub rosa restrictions. The four numbers of Volume I are dated November 1894, January, March, and May 1895, each having eight pages of the same size as those of The Scroll. The following appears in the second number:

“It is not intended that every active member of the chapters shall be supplied with a copy of each issue of The Palladium. A sufficient number to supply the officers and a few additional are sent to each Reporter, and this number is supposed to be sufficient to keep the members informed as to its contents. It was the intent of the Convention, and the General Council has so ordered, that it shall be the duty of the Reporter, at the first regular meeting after receipt, to read the entire contents of The Palladium to the chapter then in session.”