Indiana Alumni Held a State Reunion


This was the first State Convention with delegates from various chapters ever held by any college fraternity. The attendance was even larger than at any previous General Convention of Phi Delta Theta . Further particulars are given in a letter from Wilbanks to Kentucky Alpha, written in September, 1865: Our “reunion,” as you have doubtless already heard, was a complete, a glorious success. A goodly number of our Attic brethren were present I presume in number over a hundred all of whom, with one or two exceptions, are members of the Indiana chapters. General Benjamin Harrison, of the Ohio Alpha, presided, and Robert Morrison opened with prayer. Mr. Gookins’ poem was a fine literary production, and displayed a knowledge of the language of inspiration seldom if ever equaled by one so young in years and experience. To say that Mr. Broadwell did well would be lessening the praise all who listened have given him.

We invited few aside from the members none but those of sympathetic feelings and appreciative minds. We were commended by the press in Indianapolis very highly. I send you the report as published in that city’s Daily Journal. Reports were published in the Chicago, Cincinnati, Vincennes, Terre Haute, New Albany, Lafayette and other papers. The minutes of Indiana Alpha for June 30, 1865, say: “The last meeting of the year – a year of firm and steady progress for the Indiana Alpha; victorious in every contest.”

Members present:

Miami – Robert Morrison, ’49; Benjamin Harrison, ’32.

– D.D. Banta, ’33; R. I. Morrison, ’35; J. S. Jenckes, ’36; Lewis Jordan, ’56; J. A. Conwell, ’59; J. S. Broadwell, ’60; J. M. McCoy, ’60; O. F. Baker, ’62. W. S. Harbert, ’64; L. G. Hurlbert, ’64; A. C. Mellette, ’64; H. L. Powell, ’67; R. A. D. Wilbanks, ’67; W. H. Owen, ’69.

Wabash –
K. B. Spilman, ’61; Lycurgus Railsback, ’62; J. F. Gookins, ’64; J. R. Mitchell, ’65; T. H. Ristine, ’65; E. E. Boudinot, ’66.

Indianapolis – A. C. Harris, ’62; J. T. Jackson, ’62; H. C. Holbrook, ’63; E. L. Brevoort, ’63; J S. Duncan, ’63; H. H. Black, ’66; J. B. Blount, ’65; W. W. Butterfield, ’66; W. J. Button, ’66; W. J. Elstun, ’66; F. C. Cassel, ’67; J. H. Lewis, ’67; M. W. Wiley, ’67; J. M. Chapman, ’68.