March 15 Becomes Founders Day


Robert Morrison’s birthday, March 15, was established in 1910 as Founders Day. March 15 became Founders Day because the fateful first meeting of the Immortal Six in Elliott Hall, December 26, was too close to the holidays for a convenient annual celebration. Robert Morrison is the original Bond No. 1. Therefore, his birthday is the annual Founders date of celebration.

The following excerpt was published on the change in the 1910-11 Scroll magazine:

“This year, for the first time, March 15, which was formerly known as Alumni Day, is to be known as Founders Day. By the action of the national convention of 1910, the date of Alumni Day was changed from March 15 to October 15 and was observed at that time last fall for the first time. Our alumni clubs now have two annual festivals on their calendar and we trust that the time will soon come when both dates will be observed by all our alumni clubs and active chapters. The topic chosen for discussion on Founders Day this year should be of interest to every member of Phi Delta Theta and at least one member of each alumni club should prepare a paper on the subject and present it at the meeting. This should be followed by a general discussion of the topic by the members present. As officers for the ensuing year are to be elected at the Founders Day meeting, great care should be exercised in the selection of men who will discharge the duties of their respective offices with ability and dispatch. We trust that the reporter or secretary of each alumni club will promptly send us an account of the club’s celebration for publication in The Scroll. We would also be pleased to receive the manuscript of any speech of unusual merit that may be delivered on this occasion.”