Phi Delt 2030 Strategic Plan Introduced


After a thorough review of hundreds of research hours by staff members and interviews with various constituents, members of the General Council, Phi Delta Theta Foundation Trustees, and General Headquarters staff met during the September 2019 General Council Retreat to begin the construction of Phi Delt 2030.

An initial step was to create a new mission and vision statement. Then, priorities were established for the GHQ staff to fully operationalize and build out the larger strategic plan.

The priorities are designed to ensure that Phi Delta Theta rises to the challenges facing fraternities today, and to further define Phi Delta Theta’s value proposition for current, future, and alumni members. Focusing on these priorities will allow the Fraternity to remain relevant and hold its strong leadership position moving forward.

Phi Delt 2030 is designed to be a living document – where it is reviewed and updated based on annual environmental scans, emerging trends, and industry best practices.

It can be said with full confidence that strategic planning is in Phi Delta Theta’s DNA. Used as our North Star since 2010 the Fraternity, Foundation, and LiveLikeLou are all better for our commitment to continuous planning and improvement efforts.