True Blue Society Created


As there exists a significant volunteer and staff structure to oversee the operations of the International Fraternity, so too exists a group of alumni organized to oversee operations of the Fraternity’s interests on a local level. These local alumni organize to maintain chapter houses and keep the brotherhood alive well beyond the undergraduate years.

In order to help accomplish this feat, in 2008, the True Blue Society was created to provide resources for Fraternity volunteers, general alumni, and The Scroll. The True Blue Society operates similar to an alumni loyalty association at college or universities. Alumni who wish to help support the Fraternity’s alumni programming can become a True Blue Phi for a one-time membership fee. In addition to knowing that they are helping their Fraternity, members also receive a number of other membership benefits, including The Scroll.

Unfortunately, the contributions to the Mitchell Fund stopped in 1981 due to change in tax code and this fund was no longer sufficient alone to continually support the publishing and mailing of a printed Scroll in perpetuity. Therefore, the decision was made to change the delivery method of the lifetime subscription to be electronic. This also cut down on the Fraternity’s overall use of paper and helped address the ever-rising production, printing, and postage costs. Now funds from both the Mitchell Fund and the True Blue Society support The Scroll.