Badge of Mourning Adopted


On May 9, 1872, a black and white crepe was adopted for a mourning badge. The badge of mourning consists of a black ribbon bound to the back of the Fraternity badge. On the motion of Charles B. Gaskill, Oglethorpe 1872, a committee was appointed to construct some appropriate badge of mourning for when a brother joins the Chapter Grand. The committee, composed of Gaskill, S. J. Tomlinson, and W. S. Tingley, made the following report:

That we adopt a badge of mourning, consisting of black and white crape, entwined and fastened under the badge, to be worn for thirty days after the death of a member, and that the chapter in which the death occurs be requested to notify all other chapters.

Chapters today are still expected to wear the badge of mourning in addition to performing the memorial service dialogue when they lose a chapter brother.