Fraternity Colors Adopted


On April 16, 1871, the Ohio Alpha Chapter chose azure and argent as the Fraternity’s colors. Azure and argent are the heraldic terms for blue and white. The dark blue tone represents our time-honored values, and the white represents our sincerity in our service actions. These colors have served as a symbol of the Fraternity for over 150 years.

‘Argent and Azure’ poem by Ewen Weili Chen, Toronto ’07

A sparkle of dawn in open skies
The colours of blue and white o’ so bright
Argent and azure named they are
Colours of meaning, reach afar

Colours of symbol O’ Morrison thought
What meaning they might have brought
On these colours a bond was formed
In 1848, Phi Delta Theta was born.

Starting out the Immortal Six
So many, they soon became
A unity that all the brothers proclaim
Under sacred oath, this union remains

Planted a flag along the maple leaf
The union reached out with its beliefs
Brothers they are across the land
No boundaries too great to stop this hand

Ontario Alpha it soon came to be
Distinction and character soon filled this deed
Scholarship, Friendship, and Rectitude it may represent
Each brother is more than just a friend

Each brother belong a different skill
The fine distinctions, each one fulfils
Special they are, foundations they lay
Treasured they are in each own way

A band of brothers of Phi Delta Theta
Brothers from near and brothers from far
Disparities and dissemblance there might be
Brothers in Bond, they will always be
Colours of meaning they represent
Honour and brotherhood will never end!