Fraternity Executives Association Established, Arthur R. Priest Elected President


The Fraternity Executives Association is the professional association of men’s and women’s fraternity executives. It is dedicated to the common interests of its members and promotes, supports, and encourages the free discussion and exchange of ideas relating to college fraternal organizations.

Its members are chief staff officers of the administrative offices of general college social fraternal organizations who promote and uphold the code of ethics of the Fraternity Executives Association. Their titles may be executive director, executive vice president, or chief executive officer. Other paid employees of the member’s fraternal organization or its educational foundation comprise FEA’s section membership.

The Fraternity Executives Association provides for the professional development of its members while promoting the values and success of the fraternal movement.

Arther R. Priest was elected as the initial president of the association. Past Executive Vice Presidents Paul C. Beam, Robert Miller, and Bob Biggs all served as presidents of the Fraternity Executives Association at one point throughout their tenure. Robert Miller and Bob Biggs are recipients of the FEA Distinguished Service Award. The award did not exist during the tenures of Arthur R. Priest and Paul C. Beam.