Housser Trophy Introduced


The George E. Housser Trophy is awarded annually to the top Canadian chapter demonstrating all-around excellence in internal management and chapter operations, campus leadership, and campus participation. The Vancouver Alumni Club presented the trophy at their Founders Day Banquet in 1975. Several Canadian Brothers later rededicated it in 1992 in honor of the late George E. Housser, McGill ’06, President of the General Council (1950–52).

It is only fitting that the “Best Canadian Chapter Award” be named in honor of George Housser. So much credit for Canadian Phi Delta Theta expansion can be attributed to Brother Housser. It was under his initiative that chapters were established in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Halifax.

The original trophy was an original Eskimo soapstone carved by a native artisan from Baffin Island in the Arctic Ocean. The subject was of an Eskimo cleaning a fish and was unusual because few northern soapstones indicated movement or reflected upon man’s activities. The carving rested on a base of Western Walnut. Later, a new trophy was introduced, a Canadian Inuit carving called the Bird Man.

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