Pallas Adopted as Tutelary Goddess


It was the 1892 Convention at the Georgia statehouse in Atlanta where important Phi Delta Theta emblems that we know and still use today came to be. The adoption of the white carnation as the official Fraternity flower, and more importantly, the adoption of Pallas Athena as the tutelary goddess of the Fraternity.

In classic legend, Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom and daughter of Zeus, had fallen from heaven as guardian of the safety of Troy. Pallas Athena often represents the intellectual and civilized side of war and is the virtues of justice and skill. It is believed that the white-robed, helmeted goddess of wisdom serves all Phis with protection and skills of wisdom. Always accompanied by her owl, another Phi Delta Theta symbol, Pallas remains prominent in Phi Delta Theta rituals and an enduring part of the Fraternity’s legend.