Phi Delta Theta Foundation Expands to Educational Grants


In 1982, the Phi Delta Theta Foundation successfully petitioned the IRS to expand its awards from solely scholarships to educational grants. This petition allowed the Foundation to immediately support aspects of the Fraternity’s efforts, namely the Chapter Consultant Program.

Today, over $400,000 is provided annually to educational programs. These dollars provide annual funding for the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute, Shaffer Honors College of Leadership, McKenzie Family Presidents Leadership Conference, Ihlenfeld Online University (PDT U), and the Pursuit of Greatness program. Additionally, new programs are piloted based on member desire. Most recently, the Foundation is sponsoring a partnership with Sonoma State University that allows students to gain college course credit for their participation in Phi Delt conferences.

These programs were all made possible through this change in tax code, therein allowing for the significant expansion of Phi Delta Theta making it the premier leadership Fraternity that it is today.