Founders Trophy Introduced


The Founders Trophy was donated by Judge William R. Bayes, Ohio Wesleyan ’01, in 1929 and is awarded to the most outstanding Phi Delta Theta chapter at a medium-sized institution.

Following the success of the introduction of the Harvard Trophy, the Fraternity realized that there were a variety and difference of conditions that exist in the colleges and universities in which there are Phi Delt chapters. It was thought best to change the method of award or to create new trophies for schools with similar conditions. The second method was chosen and so Brother Wm. R. Bayes presented a second trophy to be known as “The Founders Trophy.” The point system for the Founders Trophy trophies was exactly the same as that for the Harvard Trophy.

At the time of introduction, the Founders Trophy was open for competition among chapters located at institutions with male enrollments from 850 to 2,199.

As expressed by Executive Secretary Priest, “It is the hope of the General Fraternity that through the medium of this trophy, greater excellence may be developed in chapters and a feeling of greater unity grow in the Fraternity.”

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